The SOMANET IFM Drive module series has a focus on driving permanent magnet motors (BLDC, PMSM) up to 5000 Watt nominal power and can be also be used to drive brushed DC motors.

With Hall sensor interface, RS422, BiSS, SSI and SPI interfaces for quadrature encoders, digital GPIOs and analog inputs, a wide range of feedback sensors can be used. The included motor control software contains everything required to use the hardware resources of the IFM Drive. Open-source sinusoidal and open-API Field Oriented Control (FOC) commutation methods are available as a base for the included DS402-compliant position, speed and torque/current control loops. Due to the free programmability of SOMANET Core modules and the software being widely open-source, highly customized motion control solutions can be developed.

Featuring COM EtherCAT, CORE C22 and IFM Drive DC 1000 BLDC driver, this is the most compact freely programmable EtherCAT BLDC Controller on the market. Build your custom EtherCAT BLDC controller with a custom protocol (PDOs/SDOs) and integrate with sensors or actuators via SPI, I²C, PWM and analog or use it as a standard CAN application procotol over EtherCAT (CoE) DS 402 drive in your existing system.