MC464 Motion Coordinator

The MC464 is Trio’s highest performance Motion Coordinator and is based on the 64 bit 400 MHz MIPS processor.  The MC464 supports up to 64 axes of motion control with 64 bit integer position registers.  The controller supports networked digital drives and programming with TrioBASIC or IEC 61131-3.

The MC464 is very suited to high speed, high axis count applications and can be typically used for:

  • High axis count print machinery
  • Packaging machinery
  • Battery manufacture
  • Carton folding
  • Multi axis wood working
  • Pharmaceutical machinery
  • Napkin folding

Every axis can be programmed to move using linear, circular or helical interpolation, electronic cams and gearboxes. Features include support for merging multiple moves that are typically generated by CAD/CAM software and support is provided for continuously rotating machinery.

With the addition of a MC464 EtherCAT Interface, the MC464 can operate as an EtherCAT master capable of controlling up to 64 axes or I/O nodes.

The high precision device synchronization inherent in both the MC464 and EtherCAT allow high speed, accurate control of large numbers of axes in the most demanding applications.

EtherCAT Interface features:

  • 8 Registration inputs repeatable to 100ns per module
  • Drive parameters setup from the controller
  • Position Set point update (μs) 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000
  • RJ45 Connector
  • 4 LED status indicators

Part Number P876 
Network EtherCAT 
Network Speed 100Mbps
Max Slaves per Interface 64
Max EtherCAT Interfaces per MC464 7
Max Axes on MC464 64
Cable STP Cat 5-e or better
Bus to MC464 32 Bit
Registration Inputs 8 x 24V Inputs
Optically isolated registration inputs Y
Map any I/O to any Axis Y

Other expansion modules feature many options for Drive Network interfaces, analogue servo, pulse/direction, absolute or incremental feedback and accurate hardware registration.


MC464 Motion Coordinator


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