LZ200 EtherCAT Master

LZ200 board is especially designed for real-time and redundant EtherCAT system and PC is assumed for user interface usage. Security measure function will enable the possibility of independent and safe internet connection of LZ200 based control system without PC. LZ200 based EtherCAT system is more stable than PC based EtherCAT system by reason of independence of controlling part and convenient for changing system specification. (=low cost development)

Main CPU:

  • ARM Cortex-A9 Dual Core 666~866MHz, 28k~85k FPGA logic cell (Xilinx Zynq-7010/Zynq-7020)


  • 100Mbps Ethernet 2 port, RJ45 connector


  • 1Gbps Ethernet 1 port, RJ45 connector

Available OS, EtherCAT Master software:

1. Xenomai (RTOS)

  • KPA EtherCAT Master Stack
  • KPA EtherCAT Studio
  • KPA Motion for EtherCAT

2. FreeRTOS (RTOS)

  • KSJ EtherCAT Master Stack


LZ200 EtherCAT Master



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