EPOS4 50/5 Positioning Controller

The EPOS4 50/5 is capable to efficiently control permanent magnetic activated brushed DC motors or brushless EC motors (BLDC) and is designed to support a multitude of feedback. The modular concept will also provide for a wide variety of expansion options.

EPOS4 positioning controllers are particularly convincing by their power density and their attractive price / performance ratio. Customers will also receive additional services for a simple commissioning, such as an intuitive user interface, libraries and many practical examples provided free of charge - strictly following the principle of an Easy to use POsitioning System.

Field-oriented control offers the possibility to drive brushless EC motors with minimal torque ripple and low noise. A wide range of operating modes meets the highest requirements and allows flexible use in almost all kind of applications. Comprehensive functionality for digital and analog inputs can be freely configured. Built-in protective devices as well as STO functionality ensure safe operation at all times.


EPOS4 50/5 Positioning Controller


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