MacroNode I/O with EtherCAT

The MKS MacroNode I/O with new EtherCAT interface features sub-msec I/O control for improving process consistency, cLogic distributed real-time logic engine, and up to 96 I/O points over four slots in a compact and economical package. Each I/O card is digital, analog or a combination, and built-in web servers provide graphical user interfaces for setup and diagnostics. The MacroNode I/O product line provides high density, compact and economical I/O solutions with on-board cLogic control to handle distribution of real-time logic tasks.

Currently Supported Networks

  • Ethernet: Modbus/TCP™
  • Ethernet/IP™
  • EtherCAT™
  • DeviceNet™

I/O Configurations

  • Up to 4 slots of I/O
  • Each I/O card is Digital, Analog or Combo (Digital & Analog)

cLogic™ Real-Time Control Engine

Modularize and distribute time critical tasks where they belong. MKS cLogic allows you to overcome TCP/IP network bandwidth concerns by distributing logic to the I/O modules. You designate your logic using standard C code, and then activate the MacroNodes™ on-board C-compiler. Examples of control logic include:

  • Distributed sequences
  • PID control
  • Signal filtering and analysis
  • Frequency, pulse width, count


MacroNode I/O with EtherCAT



MKS Instruments, Inc.

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