is the open real-time Ethernet network originally developed by Beckhoff. EtherCAT sets new standards for real-time performance and topology flexibility.
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EtherCAT Technology Group

The ETG is a global organization in which OEM, End Users and Technology Providers join forces to support and promote the further technology development.
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EtherCAT Seminar Series in Spain

Sep 2018 |

ETG is again presenting a half-day and free-of-charge EtherCAT seminar series in Spain, taking place on Oct 16th (Madrid), Oct 17th (San Sebastián) and Oct 19th (Barcelona).


EtherCAT Information Day Seminars in North America

Aug 2018 | We are inviting everybody interested to the free-of-charge Industrial Ethernet Seminar Series, taking place at selected premium venues in Zeeland (Sep 26), Baltimore (Oct 03) and Boston (Oct 05). More...

EtherCAT Seminar Series in France

Aug 2018 | We cordially invite everybody interested in learning about Industrial Ethernet, Industrie 4.0, and especially EtherCAT, to participate in our EtherCAT Seminar Series in France, taking place in Toulouse (Oct 10) and Lyon (Oct 11). More...

EtherCAT and TSN Technical Working Group Kick-Off Meeting

Aug 2018 | The new Technical Working Group (TWG) on EtherCAT and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), which was initiated by ETG, had its first meeting at the end of July. Currently, 16 companies are represented in this TWG, among them two of the world's largest manufacturers of industrial switches, as well as other leading high-tech companies. More...

Successful ETG member meetings in Japan & South Korea

Aug 2018 | Recently, the annual regional EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) Member Meetings were held in Japan and South Korea. Numerous participants from ETG member companies received information about the latest developments in EtherCAT technology, the global activities of the ETG and local EtherCAT applications. More...

EtherCAT Seminar Series in Australia & New Zealand (Oct 2018)

Aug 2018 | Again, we are inviting everybody interested to the free-of-charge Industrial Ethernet Seminar Series, taking place from Oct 19 to 26, 2018 at selected premium venues in Australia and New Zealand. More...

South African Breakfast Seminars

Aug 2018 | Together with our media partner Technews Publishing (Pty) Ltd. we cordially invite everyone interested in learning about Industrial Ethernet and especially EtherCAT to participate in our EtherCAT seminar series 2018, taking place from Oct 10 to Oct 17, 2018, at exclusive venues in South Africa. More...

EtherCAT Seminar Series Brazil

Aug 2018 | We cordially invite you to participate in this exclusive ETG Seminar Series in Brasil 2018, taking place Sep 11 (São Caetano do Sul/SP), Sep 12 (Sorocaba/SP), Sep 18 (São Leopoldo/RS) and Sep 20 (Rio de Janeiro/RJ). More...

ETG meets for 2018 Global Strategy Meeting

Jul 2018 | In June 2018, the global team of EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) met for the biennial ETG Global Strategy Meeting in Leinburg, near Nuremberg, Germany. More...

ETG exhibits at IAMD (Beijing) in Hall 1-20

May 2018 | ETG exhbits at IAMD - Integrated Automation Motion & Drives Beijing tradeshow from May 9-11 in Hall 1-20. The ETG Joint Booth shows various EtherCAT products and solutions from more than 20 different companies. More...

Latest Product Entries

K1 - ARM Based 32bit Controller

Sep 2018 | Powerful ARM-based 32-bit controller with integrated fieldbus and panel interface

SC100 by LTN Servotechik

Sep 2018 | The SC100 is an all-rounder in many ways.


Sep 2018 | PCI Express® EtherCAT® Slave Interface - Convert your PCI Express System into an EtherCAT Slave Device


Sep 2018 | PMC EtherCAT® Slave Interface - Convert your PMC System into an EtherCAT Slave Device


Sep 2018 | Embedded 64-bit PowerPCTM T1014 Single Board Computer - High-End PowerPC with QorlQ CPU

PCIe interfaces for industrial Ethernet and fieldbus communication

Sep 2018 | IXXAT INpact from HMS Industrial Networks allows you to connect your industrial PC or embedded system to many different industrial Ethernet and fieldbus networks. As an "all in one package solution", it includes all required components – like the PC interface card, the protocol processing and driver interfaces for your application.


Aug 2018 | Proposed as a motion controller of the IoT era by Soft Servo Systems, Inc.


Aug 2018 | New mechatronic drive system MOVIGEAR® performance for decentralized installations by SEW-EURODRIVE.

EJxxx | EtherCAT plug-in modules

Aug 2018 | The EtherCAT I/O plug-in modules by BECKHOFF are based electronically on the well-known EtherCAT Terminals, and they provide the same broad variety of signals, including functional safety (TwinSAFE).

LCBETHERCAT Load Cells Universal Digitizer

Aug 2018 | LCBETHERCAT digitizer by LAUMAS, suitable for use on analog load cells or strain gauge sensors is able to transform any analog load cell (mV output / V) into a modern EtherCAT Digital Load Cell.

ECAT-2610 CR

Aug 2018 | The new EtherCAT Gateway ECAT-2610 from ICPDAS combines a large number of serial devices with a modern Ethernet-based fieldbus system.

EtherCAT Flexslice System

Aug 2018 | Trio’s Flexslice input/output modules provide a robust, high speed and flexible solution for both motion control and general automation.

Flex-6 Nano Integrated EtherCAT Controller

Aug 2018 | Powerful, compact and flexible, the Flex-6 Nano from Trio Motion Technology is an integrated EtherCAT solution offering up to 64 Axes of motion.

Kuhnke FIO Controller 116

Jul 2018 | The new modular PLC Kuhnke FIO Controller from Kendrion Kuhnke Automation is a powerful and flexible industrial control with motion functionality. CODESYS SoftMotion CNC + Robotics runs on the CPU with typical dynamic kinematics and CNC interpolation.


Jul 2018 | The ECOMPACT® 60E by JAT is a decentral servo drive with an integrated servo amplifier for torque/force, speed and positioning control.


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