is the open real-time Ethernet network originally developed by Beckhoff. EtherCAT sets new standards for real-time performance and topology flexibility.
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EtherCAT Technology Group

The ETG is a global organization in which OEM, End Users and Technology Providers join forces to support and promote the further technology development.
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ETG News

ETG now offers vendor-independent diagnosis interface

Nov 2018 | The EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) has specified a new vendor-independent diagnosis interface, which allows third-party tools to access diagnostic information from EtherCAT networks.

Dmitry Dzilno elected to Board of Directors of ETG

Nov 2018 | The EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) has a new member on its Board of Directors: during the SPS IPC Drives 2018 exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, Dmitry A. Dzilno of Applied Materials was elected to the post by the assembled representatives of ETG member companies. More...

ETG welcomes WITRON as 5,000th member

Nov 2018 | At this year‘s SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, the EtherCAT Technology Group achieved two remarkable milestones. More...

SPS IPC Drives: ETG Joint Booth

Nov 2018 | From Nov 27th to Nov 29th, 2018, we will exhibit at this year’s SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany. Together with 56 co-exhibitors we’ll show more than 500 products and solutions with EtherCAT at our ETG Joint Booth in Hall 5, Booth 310. More...

ETG Website now available in a sixth language: Spanish

Oct 2018 | The official website of the EtherCAT Technology Group has now also been translated into Spanish. More...

Official Website and Brochure of ETG Now Available in Italian

Oct 2018 | The official EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) website is now available in a fifth language: Italian. More...

EtherCAT Seminar Series in Spain

Sep 2018 | ETG is again presenting a half-day and free-of-charge EtherCAT seminar series in Spain, taking place on Oct 16th (Madrid), Oct 17th (San Sebastián) and Oct 19th (Barcelona). More...

EtherCAT Information Day Seminars in North America

Aug 2018 | We are inviting everybody interested to the free-of-charge Industrial Ethernet Seminar Series, taking place at selected premium venues in Zeeland (Sep 26), Baltimore (Oct 03) and Boston (Oct 05). More...

EtherCAT Seminar Series in France

Aug 2018 | We cordially invite everybody interested in learning about Industrial Ethernet, Industrie 4.0, and especially EtherCAT, to participate in our EtherCAT Seminar Series in France, taking place in Toulouse (Oct 10) and Lyon (Oct 11). More...

EtherCAT and TSN Technical Working Group Kick-Off Meeting

Aug 2018 | The new Technical Working Group (TWG) on EtherCAT and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), which was initiated by ETG, had its first meeting at the end of July. Currently, 16 companies are represented in this TWG, among them two of the world's largest manufacturers of industrial switches, as well as other leading high-tech companies. More...

Latest Product Entries

MC664 / MC664-X by Trio Motion

Dec 2018 | The MC664-X... Quad core A9 processor, Dedicated communications core, up to 128 axes and built-in EtherCAT port all adds up to the most versitile Motion Coordinator yet!

KeControl C5 by KEBA

Dec 2018 | The KeControl C5 product family provides PLCs, embedded PCs and extension cards which enable a perfect fit to your application.

ELX Terminals (Ex i) by Beckhoff

Dec 2018 | Exceptionally compact and intrinsically safe: EtherCAT Terminals for explosion protection.

QUINT4-UPS by Phoenix Contact

Dec 2018 | QUINT UPS with IQ Technology, RJ45 communication interfaces (EtherCAT®), for DIN rail mounting, input: 24 V DC, output: 24 V DC / 40 A, charging current: 5 A.

R88E-AECT Integrated Servo Motor by OMRON

Dec 2018 | A flexible solution ideal for large machines or for machines with limited space for the cabinet.

Festo servo drives CMMT-AS size 2

Dec 2018 | Universal and compact servo drive for PM-synchronous servo motors up to 700 W. Precise force, speed and position control. Point-to-point up to interpolated motion.

Integrated Drive EMCA by Festo

Dec 2018 | Complete solution for positioning electromechanical drives and for format changes. With integrated power and control electronics.

KeConnect C5 by KEBA

Nov 2018 | New modular I/O-System KeConnect C5 which stands out through an optimum functionaltity to volume ratio.

TMCM-1314 by Trinamic

Nov 2018 | TMCM-1314 is a BLDC/stepper servo control driver unit with EtherCAT real-time bus control and EtherCAT-P interface.

NX1 Modular Machine Controller by OMRON

Nov 2018 | Information & Productivity in a miniaturized size controller.

NX7 Machine Controller series by OMRON

Nov 2018 | The NX7 series is a high performance CPU that includes two synchronized motion cores controlling up to 256 axes.

BG 95 dPro EC by Dunkermotoren

Nov 2018 | Servomotor with fully integrated EtherCAT interface, power- and logic electronics.

Compact 6

Nov 2018 | Compact 6 - EtherCAT CNC up to 6 Axes from T.P.A.


Nov 2018 | C2128 - EtherCAT CNC up to 128 Axes from T.P.A.


Nov 2018 | TRS-CAT from T.P.A. is an EtherCAT Bus Coupler with 16 digital bidirectional I/O.


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