ABB offers a wide range of configurable and scalable remote I/O modules for the most common industrial fieldbuses. The remote I/O family called S500 consist of a communication interface and I/O modules. The smallest configuration can be just the interface module with the onboard I/O channels.

AC500 family meets real-time performance with usage of the S500 EtherCAT interface modules CI511/CI512. Applications for axis interpolation and multi-axis control with high performance and precision. The CI511/CI512modules also provide a cam switch functionality allowing extremely fast and precise local reaction time for switching the I/Os in a desired sequence configured by cam tables in the module itself.

You can choose and combine your needed type of connection:

  • Central, using local I/O bus of CPU module.
  • Up to ten I/O modules can be connected to the CPU.
  • Decentralized periphery via fieldbus between CPU module and remote I/O modules.
  • For each fieldbus slave, up to ten I/O modules can be connected.
  • Multifunctional approach: some modules cover a broad range of requirements, e.g. AI531 with 8 types of different signals in one module.