OP 50M

Optimized human-machine interaction employing the Sercos® III and EtherCAT® real-time field bus systems, combined in one single hand-held control device, finally makes it possible to connect said device to the controls of different manufacturers. The OP 50 M is the only compact hand-held control device in the world, operating with Sercos® III and EtherCAT®. The web visualization technology allows for open configuration of the user interface. In sequence, one device can be operated at multiple locations of one production site by way of a special interface for different machine controls. An integrated flashlight allows for pointed illumination of the work area and the compact design makes for easy and flexible handling.

Product features

  • Hand-wheel
    • High-resolution hand-wheel with 100 increments per rotation
    • Easy-grip dial with accurate, incremental ratcheting
    • Transmission of hand-wheel data in real time to ensure jerk-free machine movement
  • Keypad
    • Robust membrane keypad with real-time capable function key
  • Emergency stop switch
    • Dual-channel emergency stop knob - DIN 60204 certified
    • Connection for safety-compliant wiring on the gateway module
    • Linked to Schleicher-proprietary SNO 4062 safety switch devic
  • Casing
    • Robust housing material with superior grip and fee
  • Trigger push-button
    • Real-time signal for control processing
    • Enabling switch upon reques
  • Interfaces
    • Link to Ethernet controls, using either Sercos® III or EtherCAT® real-time protocols
    • Connection and selection of the interface via gateway modul
  • Visualization
    • Web visualization technology for individual ergonomic and intuitive user interfaces
    • Integrated web browser for flexible configuration of visualization
    • User interface can be generated with corresponding software too
  • System requirements
    • Controls operating with EtherCAT®  (manufacturer list available on request)
    • All Schleicher systems operating with Sercos® III
  • Gateway module
    • For connection of the ProNumeric OP 50 M
    • Switch for selection of real-time bus


OP 50M


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